Taj Mahal Tea (loose tea) 500g

Taj Mahal Tea (loose tea) 500g

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Taj Mahal Tea (loose tea) 500g


Product Description: Savouring Taj Mahal Tea. To experience the richness of Taj Mahal, experience it in three steps - the aroma, the colour, the flavour.


First consider the gentle aroma, by bringing the cup right below your nose. Take in the soft, floral notes. Then hold it to the light and consider its rich red-gold colour. Finally, sip a mouthful. Like the finest of wines, you can sense the many tastes that create a rich panorama. Experience the Flavours that has charmed millions.


To prepare, bring water to a boil and add a few teaspoons of tea. Let it come to a boil, then take it off and strain. You can add milk and sugar and boil a second time, or add them in the cup. Or just have it black, savouring the flavours one by one.

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