Pillsbury Atta Chakki Atta (Wholewheat) 5 Kilo

Pillsbury Atta Chakki Atta (Wholewheat) 5 Kilo

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Pillsbury Atta Chakki Atta (Wholewheat) 5 Kilo


Product Description: Stone milled whole wheat flour


Recipe to make 4 Rotis:


• Mix 100g flour with 75ml water to form a soft dough

• Knead the dough until it is smooth

• Divide the dough into lemon-sized balls and roll out to the required thickness - keep sprinkling with dry flour while rolling to avoid stickiness

• Put the rolled dough on a pre-heated pan and cook both sides until golden brown spots appear and the roti is ready.

• Add oil or butter as desired and serve with curry.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour

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