Nirapara Iddli Podi (Rice Powder)

Nirapara Iddli Podi (Rice Powder)

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Nirapara Iddli Podi (Rice Powder) 1 Kilo


Product Description: Iddli is the most famous South Indian breakfast dish in any South Indian cuisine. Nirapara Iddli Podi is a soft iddli batter which is your ideal companion in making soft, tasty iddlis. Iddilis are most often eaten breakfast or as a snack. Iddlis are usually served in pairs with chutney, sambar, or other accompaniments.There are multiple varieties of Iddlis which are famous across Kerala. Nirapara Iddli Podi is a perfect ingredient for making soft, tasty, aromatic iddlis that melt in your mouth.

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