Nirapara Appam/Idiyappam podi (rice powder

Nirapara Appam/Idiyappam podi (rice powder

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Nirapara Appam/Idiyappam podi (rice powder) 1 Kilo 


Product Description: Nirapara Appam Idiyappam Powder is a rice flour which is just like Nirapara Iddli Powder. This powder is specially formulated and slightly varied for the perfect Appams and Noolpottus. Appam is the traditional Kerala break-fast pancake which is a preferred food variety in Tamilnadu, certain parts of Karnataka and Sri Lanka. Idiyappam is a steamed dish, like Idlis, which is made of rice batter pressed into noodle form before steamed. Appams made from Nirapara Appam/Idiyappam Podi is famed for its pure white colour, even texture and softness.It is served with vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes.

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