Maggi Seasoning (Approx 100 cubes)

Maggi Seasoning (Approx 100 cubes)

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Maggi Seasoning (Approx 100 cubes)


Product Description: Used by generations as a cooking companion, Maggi Seasoning cubes can be added as an ingredient to any dish. Simply crumble 1 Maggi seasoning cube into your pot of fresh vegetables and stir it all together to bring out the delicious taste!

Made in Nigeria, each bag of Maggi Seasoning contains 100 seasoning cubes, a key ingredient that helps to bring out the great flavour of any dish!


Ingredients: Iodized salt, flavour enhancers glutamate, inosinate, guanylate, sugar, starch, veg fat, hydrolysed [soya beans], caramel, onion soya lecithin, spices, spice extracts, aromatic plants and yeast extract.

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