KTC Almond Oil

KTC Almond Oil

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KTC Almond Oil 300ml - KTC Almond Oil is 100% natural and healthy Almond Oil which does not contain any harmful chemicals in it. It works great on the scalp and keeps it moisturised. KTC Almond Oil treats the problem of split ends and its application on the scalp improves the health of the scalp, hairs and brain. KTC Almond Oil stops hydration and mains the colour and health of hairs. It enhances the growth of hair and can be applied on every kind of hair. It is not specifically made for hair use. The product can also be used on your body and also cooking.


Important Note : Use only a few drops of Almond Oil to apply it on your face or skin. It is a nut oil therefore if you have allergies related to nuts then you should avoid using this product before consulting your doctor.

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