Johar Joshanda

Johar Joshanda

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Johar Joshanda 


‘Voted The Best of Asia in 2008’ by Time Magazine, Johar Joshanda (translated simply as the ‘essence of boiled stuff’) is a blend of several root herbs, including licorice, peppermint, fennel and eucalyptus.  Derived from an ancient herbal recipe to cure common coughs and colds, the remedy comes in individual packets of dry granules.


Preparing the drink is easy. Simply boil the water, add the mixture, and let it brew for a few minutes – and voila, its ready to drink.  The sweet, yet sharp flavour of fennel and peppermint might take a while to get used to, but will instantly soothe your throat.

If you feel your immune system weakening (and we wouldn’t blame you in this “cold” weather), brewing a cup of Joshanda can make all the difference.  We guarantee that once you see the miraculous results, you will be hooked.

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