Haldiram Bhelpuri

Haldiram Bhelpuri

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Haldiram Bhelpuri 200g


Product description: A mild spicy blend of crunchy chickpeas, nuts, puffed rice, sun dried potato chips, with dry chutney mix


Ingredients: Gram pulse, vegetable oil, puffed rice, split green gram, peanuts, gram pulse flour, peanuts, rice flakes, potatoes and turmeric powder, Special Bhel puri chutney: water sugar, tomato powder, coriander paste, green chilli paste, red chilli powder, mango powder, ginger powder, tamarind powder, date powder, salt, citric acid powder.


Agra sev: Gram flour, Palmolein and water, This product contains wheat, peanuts and nuts.

Refrigerate chutney after opening and consume within 72hrs, Do not consume if the chutney pouch is leaking or bloated.