East End Pistachio Kernels (Green Pistachio)

East End Pistachio Kernels (Green Pistachio)

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East End Pistachio Kernels (Green Pistachio) 200g


Product Description: Pistachios are predominantly natives of the Middle East, America and Central Asia. They are grown on small tender trees, under warm arid conditions. The pistachio being a smooth, twin-shelled nut, housing a small, oval, green kernel. Pistachios can be eaten raw, by removing the kernel from its shell. They are much used as a colouring and flavouring for a wide range of foods, some savoury and many sweets, including nougat and ice cream.


Ingredients: Pistachio Kernels (Green)


Allergy Information: Suitable for Vegetarians. This product may contain a trace of nuts


Storage Information: Once opened store contents in an airtight container under cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight.