East End Crushed Wheat 1.5 Kilo

East End Crushed Wheat 1.5 Kilo


East End Crushed Wheat 1.5 Kilo


Product Description: Crushed or cracked Wheat Hot Cereal is simply the finest hard red whole wheat that has been cut into a few pieces. Nothing fancy, just whole grains as nature intended. The nutty flavour and chewy texture make this one of our most popular hot cereals. Whole grain wheat delivers a healthy dose of protein, dietary fibre and is a great source of calcium and iron, all of which work together to keep your body strong and healthy. Whole wheat is also a good source of folate, which helps with cell production and is especially critical for pregnant women and infants. Cracked Wheat is, indeed, very popular as a cereal, but you can also add cracked wheat to your favourite bread recipe for a crunchy texture, or use as a meat extender to add fibre and nutrition to meatloaf.


Ingredients: Wheat


Allergy Information: Suitable for Vegetarians. This product may contain a trace of nuts.

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