East End Black Cardamons (Black Elaichi)

East End Black Cardamons (Black Elaichi)

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East End Black Cardamons (Black Elaichi) 50g


Product Description: Black Cardamon (Elaichi) pods have a strong, smoky aroma and camphor-like flavour. A key ingredient in garam masala spice blends and chai (spiced tea), Black Cardamon is also often used in dals and rice dishes.


How to Use: Black cardamom pods can be used in soups, chowders, casseroles, and marinades for smoky flavor, much in the way bacon is used. Black cardamom is sometimes used in garam masala for curries. It is occasionally used as a garnish in basmati rice and other dishes. In India and Pakistan, black cardamom seeds are often an important component of the spice mixture garam masala. Black cardamom is also commonly used in savory dal (A thin gruel-like dish of cooked dehusked split pulses with aromatic flavourings and spice, onions and other vegetables, very commonly served at Indian meals) and rice dishes. In China, the pods are used for long-braised meat dishes, particularly in the cuisine of the central-western province of Sichuan.


Ingredients: Black Cardamons