East End Bajra Whole

East End Bajra Whole

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East End Bajra Whole 400g


Product Description: Our Whole Bajra is of the finest quality, we present only the pick of the crop with the

finest whole millet being selected. Bajra is grown in India, Sahel and Namibia. The seed has a high tolerance to difficult growing conditions. Bajra is a good source of vitamins and is high in protein.


How to Cook: The Bajra can be lightly roasted with ghee at the start of cooking or bajra pearls can be soaked in water when creating Bajra Khichidi a traditional Rajisthani recipe. It is also used in creating Bajra roti.


Ingredients: Pearl Millet


Allergen Information: Suitable fo Vegetarians. May contain nuts.


Storage Information: Store in a cool dry place in a airtight container.