Dabur Hajmola Regular

Dabur Hajmola Regular

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Dabur Hajmola Regular 76g


Product Description: Dabur Hajmola is a tasty digestive tablet that aids digestion, especially after a heavy meal. It is a mix of medicinal herbs and culinary spices like nimbu saar ( Lemon extracts), Krishna lavan (Black salt) and jeera (Cummin seeds). Which help secrete digestive juices and give relief in an easy, safe and natural way.


Health Benefits:

Flatulence - prescribed after meals to ease the condition of flatulence

Dyspepsia - combination of spices and salts helps to increase appetite

Indigestion - helps in proper digestion and relieves the condition of indigestion

Key Ingredients: 

Kalimirch (Black Pepper) - gastro-intestinal stimulant
Pippali (Long Pepper) - carminative and expectorant
Sunthi satva (Ginger) - digestive and tonic
Nimbu satva (Lemon) - digestive stimulant
Jeeraka (Cummin seeds) - antispasmodic
Samudra Lavan - stimulates secretion of saliva & gastric juices
Sarkara (Sugar) - for taste, secretion of saliva & gastric juices
Krishnalavana (Black Salt) - carminative and digestive
Navsadar - helps digestive function